Chip Kelly is the Philadelphia Eagles new head coach; Was this the right choice?

After a very disastrous season, the Philadelphia Eagles parted ways with former head coach Andy Reid. It was expected and for some, long overdue.

The search began for a new head coach and here comes University of Oregon's Chip Kelly, named as the new head coach, the 21st coach in Eagle's franchise history. But was this a good decision? Well, Kelly has a good record. He lead the Oregon Ducks to a 49-7 record over the last four seasons and was being recruited by the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills. While he was interested in leaving, favored alum and Nike founder Phil Knight persuaded him to stay. He has a style of coaching that has lead his college team to victory, something the Eagles are hoping for, especially team owner Jeff Laurie.

"Chip Kelly will be an outstanding head coach for the Eagles," owner Jeffrey Lurie said in a statement released by the team. "He has a brilliant football mind. He motivates his team with his actions as well as his words. He will be a great leader for us and will bring a fresh energetic approach to our team."

One can only hope. While the Eagles are hoping Kelly brings positive change, I'm hoping he lights a fire under the offensive coordinator. Micheal Vick is still the quarterback and he needs protection. Whoever the QB is, the offensive line needs work.

Change can be good and we'll see what it brings for the Eagles.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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