Miami Heat center Chris Bosh appeared on CNN‘s Piers Morgan Live. He talked about winning the NBA championship, and addressed his terrible game six. He said he doesn’t remember the “big” moments that changed the game because he said it all happened so fast. He did speak fondly about his life.

His wife was apparently present and he talked about the fact that they are expecting their second child–a son! This will make three children for Bosh who has another child with his first wife. He called himself “lucky” to have the wife and family he has and seemed genuinely happy. 

Chris Bosh and family

Chris Bosh and family

I must say that Chris Bosh was well spoken and handled himself very well. This wasn’t a hard-hitting interview with a heavy topic, but with professional athletes, many have lack luster media skills. That was not the case with Bosh.

He may actually do well working in media after his NBA career is over. 


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~Angela Davis