Clinton Portis admits he almost committed murder; Highlights financial troubles of pro athletes

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport Professional athletes seem to get the best of both worlds. Their athletic skills instantly afford them fame, status--and money. A small percentage handle it well. For most, however, their limited knowledge of financial management finds them in dire straights and dark places. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, former famed NFL running back Clinton Portis admitted that he almost murdered those he says are responsible for his bankruptcy.
from ...nearly all of the money Portis handed over to a group of men to manage and make safe investments with in 2013 disappeared, which resulted in his contemplating murder.

"It wasn't no beat up," Portis said. "It was kill."

Portis discussed sitting in his car outside a Washington, D.C., office building with a pistol in his possession in hopes of confronting one of the investors who squandered his money.

A trio of financial advisers—Jeff Rubin, Jinesh Brahmbhatt and Fuad Ahmed—allegedly steered Portis toward faulty investments that resulted in millions lost for the former running back.

Portis sued them for his losses, but admits it's unlikely he'll see any of that money. He seems to have come to terms with his reality, and luckily, he has a decent life after football to get back some of what he lost. Still, this situation is all too common in the NFL.

Players have the opportunity to learn about fiscal management and how to prepare for life after the game, but being so young with tens of millions of dollars when their first contracts are signed, most foolishly spend their money on things they want.

Then, later, we start reading articles about how they can't afford the things they need.

It is my hope that professional athletes take hold of what matters, and start seeing their time on the gridiron as a career, and not just 'game time'. Bigger contracts can mean bigger losses.

I'm reminded of an adage which reads, to whom much is given, much is required.

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