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Clippers head coach Doc Rivers gets fined $25K by NBA for slamming refs

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers gets fined $25K by NBA for slamming refs

Game five between the Clippers and the Thunder was insane -right down to the last seconds of the game when a call by the refs gave the Thunder the ball –and the win. Needless to say, the controversial possession call did not sit well with Clipper’s coach Doc Rivers who verbally slammed the refs and the NBA replay system and now has gotten fined for it.

The NBA fined him $25,000 for his comments.

“In my opinion, let’s take away replay,” Rivers said Tuesday at his postgame news conference. “Let’s take away the replay system. Because that’s our ball. We win the game. And we got robbed because of that call. And it’s clear. Everybody in the arena saw it. That’s why everybody was shocked when they said Oklahoma City ball. Whether it was a foul or not — it was, but they didn’t call it.

“We did a lot of stuff to lose the game ourselves. But at the end of the day, we have a replay system that you’re supposed to look at. And I don’t want to hear that they didn’t have that replay. That’s a bunch of crap. … We’ve got two more games to play, but that could be a series-defining call. And that’s not right.”

Doc Rivers doesn’t deny that Clippers forward Matt Barnes fouled Thunders guard Reggie Jackson. What he has a problem with is that they didn’t call the foul and gave the ball to the Thunder on the out-of-bounds possession.

These games are getting really intense and with the conference championship game on the line, every call counts.

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