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Could it be? NFL and Referees Union Close To A Deal!

Could it be? NFL and Referees Union Close To A Deal!

“I would call things ‘positive-but-precarious, ” one owner of the NFL said to Yahoo! Sports. “There are still a lot of hard feelings on both sides, a lot of people still drawing lines in the sand, at least verbally. I could see something being done by Thursday or it could take another week.”


From that statement alone, it’s obvious nothing worth working out has been finalized. I don’t know about you; but I honestly don’t know if we can take one more week of this.

The only relevant “breakthrough” (which came as the result of a meeting that took place from Tuesday until 2am Wednesday morning….[blank stares]) is the placement of 21 “developmental” officials. These referees have been placed to train and sort of guide their replacements, and monitor their performance (really?).  The “new” but regular refs will eventually replace those whose performance declines.

Who will decide when their performance has declined? Decline how; you mean it gets worse?

Did it really take them an entire day of meeting to figure out this made sense, or have these dopey recluse individuals not been paying attention over the last three weeks? Instead of spending that time to figure out the circumstances of how to bring the regular officials back; they commit to a blunder (adding these replacement refs) that some of us felt would be disastrous from day one! Covering their a-words is what it looks like to me. Why not just follow through by saying we “made a mistake”, instead of putting a band-aid on it before you pour on the alcohol. 

Supposedly, owners have agreed to pay the “new” but regular refs a “ratification bonus”, which would compensate them for what they lost through the first three weeks of this hell-bound season—yea. Have we lost sight of what started this in the first place??? The still very relevant factor is the leagues on-going desire to do away with the officials pension plans! The owners want to do what’s “economical” (and I use this word VERY lightly) for themselves and convert to 401k plans. Uh hello, these are peoples lively-hood we’re talking about! We’re talking about putting the “shield” in jeopardy here! Just because your multi-billion dollar company decides you need to make some “cut-backs” doesn’t mean you start in the pocket of those who are very much an asset to your business..(i.e. the regular officials). These referees are just as important as the players on that field, as well are so quickly learning now that they’ve been replaced!

If you think shelling out some of your pocket change( that you saved by switching to 401k plans instead of Geico) is going to change anything for these 21 “new” but regular referees…maybe you should think twice! Then you have the gall to slap the words “ratification” and “BONUS” on there??? PLEASE!

The league has shown willingness to grandfather in plans for older officials, but stopped well short of completely giving in on that issue.

“I think it’s just time,” the owner said. “The officials know what they’re losing and I think they understand our stance.”—–smh at this comment

Get these replacement rejects out of here! Give the real refs what they want and let’s get back to some FOOTBALL!   I’m JUST saying.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Ivy Knight

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