A woman who attended a Dallas Cowboys annual  Blue & Silver scrimmage in 2010 is suing owner/general manager Jerry Jones team when she suffered third-degree burns after sitting on a black bench in temperatures more than 100 degrees. 

According to suit, complaintant Jennelle Carrillo sat on a dangerous bench.  “The bench was uncovered and openly exposed to the extremely hot August sun. The combination of the nature of the black, marble bench and hot sunlight caused the bench to become extremely hot and unreasonably dangerous.”

Carillo’s attorney, Michael Wash says his client knew she was burned but didn’t know the extent of her injuries until after receiving medical attention. “She sat down on this black bench, outside an entrance and unfortunately she suffered third-degree burns as a result of it and had subsequent skin grafts,” he told KDFW.

He also says she suffered mental anguish, physical pain and physical disfigurement as a result of sitting on a bench with no warning signs to alert fans the bench could be hot.

Of course, the Cowboys are not commenting due to litigation.

While I am somewhat sympathetic to her injuries, a few things bother me about this case. First, what has she been doing in the past two years that she didn’t file a lawsuit?Second, if it’s 100-degrees outside wouldn’t common sense tell her that the benches could be hot?

I am sure the Cowboys will settle this case, and I’m almost positive that there are signs posted everywhere to advise fans of the potential hot benches.

Cowboys fans, consider this your warning.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis