If you don’t know who Craig Sager is, let me help you: He’s the NBA reporter with the pimped-out funny suits with all kinds of colors and mismatched patterns. He kind of look likes the 1960’s crahsed in the 1970’s –on steriods!! 

Yeah, that guy. According to his son, Sager is battling leukemia and will start treaments next week:

Craig Sager II @CraigSagerJr Follow My Dad’s 3-4-week acute leukemia treatment starts tmrw.Be thinking of him & let’s get him back on the sidelines soon 


Craig Sager family pics

Craig Sager family pics

Sager is a beloved reporter and seems to be a great guy overall. Our prayers are with his family for a fast and complete recovery.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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