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Crown Royal Gives Secret Santa a New Twist with ‘Pass the Crown’

Remember when the holidays rolled around and everyone was so excited about the annual Secret Santa that you couldn’t wait to see who pulled your name, and every year you hope that you would be the one that got the really cool gift.

Well this year Crown Royal is putting an exciting twist on Secret Santa, and is insisting that we open our gifts before Christmas this year. Who wants to wait all the way to Christmas to open their Crown Royal anyways?!?!?

A few weeks back Jersey Girl Sports was asked to participate the in the Crown Royal “Pass the Crown” first ever virtual holiday gift-exchange. Each day a blogger or website is sent a digitally embroidered Crown Royal bag with a clue on it as to whether we want to open the gift or steal someone else’s, like an iPad 2, a Kindle Fire or even a happy hour for you and your friends with Crown Royal Reserve. The great thing about this is that the gift is not only for us, but a lucky JGS fan will receive that gift as well. So the choice is yours…do it keep this or steal someone else’s?

Here’s what other people have received….

Here’s the Clue…

*Like the embroidery work? Well, it’s available to adults (21+) on for $9.95 and feature a max of 40 characters – perfect for the person who says it short and sweet. Or, you can personalize a Crown Royal bottle label – for free.

Here’s what we swiped:

So we got the iPad 2–for now, but it could still be swiped. But whatever we end up with, we’re GIVING AWAY!

For your chance to win the awesome gift from Crown Royal’s Pass the Crown, be sure to sign-up on our contact page.

Your J.G.F.,

Marcelle English

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