Crown Royal, the Sexiest New Drink

Crown Royal Brands

Ok…I can’t tell a lie…my job is the best! Yes, I get to attend some of the best sporting events in the country. Yes, I get to meet so of the best athletes walking the planet. And, yes, I get to taste some of the best whisky ever. What…Whisky? Yes…Whisky. Last week Jersey Girl Sports was invited to an invite-only whisky tasting hosted by our good friends at Taylor and Crown Royal at plush Davios in Atlanta.

Honestly, I’m not a whisky drinker, to me it was always such a man’s drink; the drink men would have after a hard day’s work or when relaxing after a round of golf in the clubhouse. To my surprise I entered the tasting and was handed a whiskey cocktail that consisted of Crown Royal, lemon cello and iced tea…wow what a GREAT combination (it’s also our drink of the week). We mixed and mingled a little then were led to our private room with about 25 other journalist, members of the media, and other special invited guest.

For me walking into a room with four whisky glasses in front of each seat seemed a little intimidating, but I was excited, the smell of whisky was in the air. After taking a seat, we were greeted by Ed Adams one of only 15 Master of Whiskies in the United States. Now what is a ‘Master of Whisky’?  He or she is technically a walking encyclopedia of whisky and the rich history that has made the Crown Royal brand what it is today. When I tell you Ed knows his stuff, I’m sure we could have asked him anything about whisky and Crown Royal and he would have had an answer.

Then the fun began!

We sampled 5 (yes…5) of the Crown Royal brands; Crown Royal Deluxe, Crown Black, Crown Royal Reserve, Cask No.16, and my personal favorite, Crown Royal XR, which stands for ‘extra rare’.  The great thing about Ed is that he explained to us how to best drink each of the brands and what it is best paired with. By the end of the night I was sold!

Now ladies…I have to say after my wonderful night with Crown Royal, it’s truly the new sexy in drinks. So for the next couple of weeks, starting this week, we will be featuring various Crown Royal cocktails as our Designated Drink of the Week. So make sure you log-on to our JGF page to get your recipe!

Until next time…

Your JGF,

Marcelle English

Crown Royal Cocktail

Marcelle and Angela enjoying CR

CR Giftbags

Jersey Girls and Edward Adams

Marcelle tasting CR

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