Dale Earnhardt Jr. will miss the next two NASCAR Sprint Cup races due to a concussion he suffered after Sunday’s 25-car collision at Talladega. With that comes an end to the chase; he won’t have an opportunity to win this year.

If you missed Sunday’s last-lap-crash, take a look:

Earnhardt took a hit during the impact and according to ESPN.com, Earnhardt said he “knew something was not quite right” after the hit he took at Kansas but said he decided to “push through” and race on. Earnhardt described the hit he took in the Talladega wreck as “not even half the impact at Kansas, but it was enough to cause me concern” and get checked by doctors.

Well “the chase” race is over for Dale Jr. as he’s affectionately known, and while fans are saddened by his absence, his health is more important.

It seems some sports really do take head trauma seriously.

Your Jersey Girl,

~Angela Davis


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