Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant calls himself a leader; Confident he can get 2,000 yards this season

There's something to be said for confidence, and it seems Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has his full measure. In his latest run of impressive moves this week including speaking out at a domestic violence rally, Bryant, in an interview with ESPN said his 92 catches for 1,382 yards and 12 touchdowns -- all career highs was just the tip of the iceberg:
"That's still scratching the surface. It's only going to get better, to be honest. I still have a lot to give. I feel like nobody's seen anything -- nothing. I feel like it can be a lot more than that. That's just being honest...I honestly feel like (2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns) can potentially happen."
That's an amazing goal, and if he reaches it, he'd be the first receiver to ever do it. Detroit Lions' Calvin Johnson came close last season with a receiving yards record of 1,964. Bryant feels it's possible, especially now that he's turned a corner from a disastrous first season to merge a more mature player:
"It just makes you want it even more," said Bryant, who played the final three games last year with a broken finger. "I'm so confident. I view myself as an up-and-coming leader. That's how I view myself. With that attitude, you have to feel like anything's possible. That's how I feel."
I don't know what kind of coaching, therapy and/or prayer Bryant's received in the past two years, but he's really showing himself to be a changed person. It's easy to forget that most of the men coming into the league are really young, many without the male role models needed for maturity and strong manhood. The mistakes Bryant made along with his arrogant attitude seems to have been replaced with self-awareness, confidence and determined spirit to be successful. I'm looking forward to good things from Bryant this season. Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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