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Dallas Cowboys give Dez Bryant off-field restrictions

Dallas Cowboys give Dez Bryant off-field restrictions

In light of his past behavior, it seems the Dallas Cowboys have decided to place off-field restrictions on wide-receiver Dez Bryant. 

In an effort to keep him out of trouble and improve his personal life, the Cowboys have the following madates:

  1. No bars, clubs or strip clubs unless an establishment is hosting a team function and he has a security team with him.
  2. Bryant cannot drink alcohol.
  3. Bryant will have a curfew.
  4. He must attend counseling sessions twice/week.
  5. A security team will be with Bryant at all times and will drive him to games, practices and team functions.

It appears the security team might be too much, but apparently Bryant wanted it that way. According to a source he prefers keeping someone close who can keep him in line. “Dez wants somebody to be with him all the time and help look out for him so no one tries to start anything,” the source said. “Dez is on a mission to win back any fans he lost. This is something that Dez is requesting, and he’s all into it. He really wanted to do this.”

And how does Jerry Jones feel? He’s on board, too! According  to Jones, Dex Bryant is, “very much willing to do anything he can to help himself and help the team,” Jones said. “He’s very open-minded and cooperative to doing the right thing by his teammates and the right thing (in general). Everybody is counting on him.”

I hope Dez Brant can turn this around. It would be such a waste of talent for him to let his past determine his future.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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