(VIDEO) Dallas Cowboys make a major acqusition: A new luxury bus, the ‘Elegant Lady’

The Dallas Cowboys have made a major acquisition, and no—it’s not a quarterback. They have acquired and upgraded their ground transportation with a luxury bus called the ‘Elegant Lady’. Take a look inside: The ‘Elegant Lady’ made its debut at the Super Bowl. Cowboys aren’t saying how much the bus costs but estimates say it’s somewhere between $1.5 million and $2.5 million! This is being called the “team” bus, but I just don’t see the offensive line, let alone the entire team fitting comfortably in this space. I can see Jerry Jones and his VIP crew enjoying a nice smooth ride to the combine. I guess this is a good purchase, thought it seems they would save that money and invest in better players. Like a quarterback. Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angeal Davis

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