Dallas Cowboys player arrested for intoxication manslaughter

Don't drink and drive. It's four little words that give a huge warning, and for those that don't take heed, it can lead to disastrous, life-changing consequences-as is the case for Josh Brent. The Dallas Cowboys nose tackle was arrested and booked in the Irving city jail at 4:14 a.m. Saturday morning after his car was involved in an accident that killed teammate Jerry Brown. According to Irving police, Brent's car was traveling at a high rate of speed on a State Highway 114 service road before he hit the outside curb. The car flipped at least one time before coming to a rest in the middle of the service road. His teammate and college friend Jerry Brown was unresponsive at the scene and pronounced dead at the hospital. Brown was signed to the Cowboys' practice squad earlier this season. He was also Brent's college teammate at Illinois.

"We are deeply saddened by the news of this accident and the passing of Jerry Brown," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a statement. "At this time, our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies are with the members of Jerry's family and all of those who knew him and loved him."

This is not Brent's first time in trouble regarding drunk driving. According to ESPN.com, in June 2009, Brent was sentenced to two years of probation and 60 days in jail as part of a plea agreement stemming from a drunken driving arrest in Champaign County in Illinois.

Obviously Brent will not be playing with the Cowboys tomorrow when they take on the Bengals in Cincinnati.  One can only hope he's learned his lesson --this time, the hard way.

Let's keep Jerry Brown's family in our prayers.

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~Angela Davis

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