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Darryl Strawberry supports Tim Tebow, “I wish I could have been like Tim Tebow when I was playing”

Darryl Strawberry supports Tim Tebow, “I wish I could have been like Tim Tebow when I was playing”

With all the drama going on in New England Patriots camp with Aaron Hernandez being charged with murder and the recent arrest of their defensive back Alfonzo Dennard, Tim Tebow seems like a welcomed distraction. While all eyes will be on his acclimation into the Belichick system, Tim Tebow will find support from Major League Baseball’s legend Darryl Strawberry.

Strawberry, whose MLB career was overshadowed with problems with substance abuse, is now an ordained minister and in Tebow he sees what he should have been:

“I wish I could have been like a Gary Carter or a Tim Tebow when I was playing,” says Strawberry, Carter’s teammate on the 1986 World Series champion Mets, “and have Christ in my life the way I do today. When Carter left here, he left here as a right man, a righteous man, who lived his life right. He loved his faith.


“I look at Tebow. He gets bashed because of his faith. Let ’em laugh. Let ’em talk. He’s a greater man than anyone who might be greater than him as an athlete. He’s a real man.


“He gets challenged about his faith all of the time, but he never wavers because of opinions, or what the media is writing about him. His reward later on in life is going to be even greater because he stood in the midst of everybody criticizing him being a Christian and playing sports at the same time.


“I admire him more than he could ever imagine.”

 I’m glad Darryl Strawberry is able to see the Light in Tim Tebow. I think many players need someone of faith in the locker room  While many athletes profess their faith, Tebow, by far has been the most open–and criticized for it. This season will undoubtedly be no different with naysayers already questioning and criticizing how, what and where Tebow will fit and bring to the Patriot’s game. 

Strawberry’s support sounds like a much-needed voice of support in the mass of criticism.

Faith or not, fans want Tebow to deliver.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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