David Beckham’s latest pics for his H&M Bodywear collection are super hot!

Jersey Girl Sports hottie David Beckham is not letting the grass grow under his feet. The 38-year-old retired soccer player has a new bodywear and swimwear collection at H&M his new display and promo pics are super HOT! According to justjared.com, Beckham is super excited about the new line:
“The success of my Bodywear collection at H&M has been fantastic, so I’m thrilled to be introducing these great swimwear pieces ready for the summer. We’ve worked hard to create new classics for men, with great fit, comfort and also style,”
Take a look:

david-beckham-1 david-beckham-2 david-beckhams-3The man just looks good!! For any thinking he can repeat or exceed this sexiness, head to H&M and get your David Beckham Bodywear gear!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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