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David Gillian tells Danica Patrick, “Shut up and race!”

David Gillian tells Danica Patrick, “Shut up and race!”

“Shut up and race.” That what David Gilliland said in response to Danica Patrick’s complaint about how he raced her Sunday at Kansas Speedway. 

Patrick is angry about Gilliand’s aggressive stance on the track:

“He tries to take me out every time,” Patrick said over the team radio during the STP 400. “Tell his spotter that I’m coming after him if he does it again. In fact, I might just do it right now.”

Well, she didn’t do anything, but she’s clearly upset about his push towards her. They both tend to occupy the same space on the track, and both are well outside the top 20 in points.

The point is that Gilliand, based on his response doesn’t care. He probably won’t stop so Patrick is going to have to put her “big-girl panties” on and go for it.

There’s no crying in racing.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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