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Deion Sanders responds to possible closing of Prime Prep Academy; Calls former co-founder a ‘crook’ and ‘heartless’

Deion Sanders responds to possible closing of Prime Prep Academy; Calls former co-founder a ‘crook’ and ‘heartless’

This weekend marks the annual Red & Black weekend hosted by NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and his Truth organization. This year, the weekend of events will be held in Dallas, TX and will allow children to participate in a football tournament and allow the adults and the community to attend his annual fundraising gala –which seems eerily timely considering what’s going on with Prime Prep Academy.

According to  Dallas-Fort Worth ABC and Gannett affiliate WFAA:

Texas state officials moved to revoke the charter for an educational organization called Uplift Fort Worth, which serves as the parent company for the Deion Sanders-founded and led Prime Prep Academy. Without a recertification of Uplift, Prime Prep will be forced to close after just two years on the Texas charter school scene. 

Financial irregularities with the monies for the school’s lunch program, which is federally funded, is the reason for the move to close. Sanders responded to the news reports on Twitter calling out his former co-founder for allegedly stealing the money:

“My former Co-Founder DL Wallace was a Crook and Heartless and we are still suffering from his Devilish ways. TEA informed PrimePrep they would revoke the charter pending appeal for the Food Program that Wallace hustled the state out of $45,000. We will appeal immediately,” Sanders said in a series of tweets on Tuesday evening. “I feel bad for this nonsense of yesterday affecting today and the potential of tomorrow for our students and NEW administration. We will fight this like we have all the other battles that we’ve faced. 100% graduation rate 2 years straight and 15 scholarships awarded in only 2 years of existence. In no form or fashion has me or my administration done any wrong regarding feeding or educating our students. TRUTH. I will pay the 45,000 myself to right DL Wallace wrong to the state if they will accept it. Don’t punish our kids for this Fool. Truth”

Deion Sanders has never backed down from a challenge –be it on the field or off.  Whatever the truth is with the misappropriation of monies at Prime Prep Academy, I agree that the children should not suffer. 

We can only hope the “truth” prevails.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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