Deion Sanders is passionate about youth. Inspiring them, leading them, mentoring them and providing opportunities for them to excel as athletes and as emerging men is at the heart of his Truth organization via his PTA Sports non-profit foundation. Before they played football, they’ll get an opportunity to get emotionally nurtured via his Youth Symposium.

Sanders invited local and national personalities in sports and entertainment to sit on the panel and share their stories about peer pressure, working in professional sports, making good choices, and how to develop and manage personal conduct. Football Wives reality TV star Chanita Foster, former Detroit Lions player and NFLPA associate Lamar Campbell as well as up and coming R&B star Zandria were a part of the panel doling out advice and answering questions. Of course Deion Sanders was there “keeping it real”.

We have a term for people who “could have been”. We call them “Ida’s”. They say, ‘If I’da done this or if I’da NOT done that I would be….” DON’T become an “I’da!”


Deion Sanders giving advice to students

Deion Sanders giving advice to students

Kids at Youth Symposium

Kids at Youth Symposium

This past weekend in Atlanta, his youth football tournament gave kids the opportunity to showcase their football talents and skills, but that’s not all. There’s an important educational and mentoring component designed to give them necessary life skills to further sustain their future.

The kids listened intently, laughed a little and even asked questions. Most were surprised by some of the information given about professional sports. Former Detroit Lions player and NFLPA associate Lamar Campbell explained:

The average career for an NFL player lasts about 2.7 years. It’s the highest paying part-time job you’ll ever have.

The symposium was a success and it’s all a part of Deion Sanders’ efforts to not only develop good athletes, but to use sports to develop good men and women.


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