Deiondra Sanders Defends Her Father On Twitter; Calls Pilar A Liar

Deion and Pilar
Deion Sanders’ pending divorce is all over the blogs and gossip sites, and despite the negative picture painted of him, he hasn’t said anything. But Deiondra is speaking out. Deiondra (his daughter by his first wife) is seemingly fed up with the statements being made. She claims that the things stated in the media about her father are lies and took to Twitter to defend Deion and say some things to Pilar: Other tweets stated: Deiondra Sanders @DeiondraSanders #HowYoTopPriorityBeen yo marriage and yo kids when YO OWN KIDS cant even talk to their brothers and sister without getting a whoopin? Deiondra Sanders @DeiondraSanders my sister turned 8 December 14th i COULDN'T even take her spa day for her birthday she told me "my mommy wont allow me to go wit u" ON BIBLE Deiondra Sanders @DeiondraSanders Pilar stop tryna play the VICTIM. MAYBE IF U WOULD OF ACTUALLY LOVED MY DAD AND NOT LOVED THE LIFE HE GAVE YOU WE WOULD BE HERE TODAY!! Deiondra Sanders @DeiondraSanders WHELP being that your "3rd" catch is over! now u can go back to "catch 1" Johnny Mitchell or "catch 2" Wesley Snipes.....yeah we know Deiondra Sanders @DeiondraSanders maybe next time u will actually chase yo marriage and not yo dream of fame *DROPS MIC* WALKS OFF She goes on the say that Pilar's clothes and other items have been packed for a few weeks:   *** Her “rant” went on for over an hour and everybody is shocked—and sensationalizing what is really a very sad situation. Whenever children get in the middle of their parents’ situations, it will get ugly. Children, no matter how old and no matter what the situation will take sides and feel the need to defend their parent(s). We don’t know what Pilar has or will say in response. My hope is that she will leave the response to her attorney and/or not at all. The best route to protect their children, in the long run, is to take this out and away from the media. People will think and believe what they want to believe even without credible information. And since none of us live in the household or know what has gone on in their marriage, all we have is our speculations and opinions. And you know what they say about opinions. Deion Sanders' statement was simple: "Pilar and I have decided to end our marriage and move on to the next phase of our individual lives with mutual respect...we are friends and our top priority has and will continue to be the well-being of our children...We arrived at this decision prayerfully and carefully in order to be able to pursue what is in both of our best personal interests." It is unlikely that Deion will make any more statements regarding his divorce.  He typically takes the “high road” leaving the media and general public to their own assertions, generalizations and opinions when it comes to what he deems his personal and private matters. A great example for Deiondra to follow. Your JGF, ~Angela Davis

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