The NFL season is about to start and the trash talk, rivalries and excitement has already begun, but things aren’t so jolly in Denver. The city and Denver Bronco’s fans are furious over the ginormous poster of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco on the front of Mile High stadium. Here’s a tweet from a local radio personality:

Hey @nflcommish take that flacco garbage off of our stadium please

To add salt in the wound, the posters weren’t just on the stadium. They were posted all throughout downtown Denver on lamposts, too. Fans are so outraged that even the local lead anchor on Denver’s CBS affiliate called for a protest and encouraged fans to deface Flacco posters.

So what do the Broncos players and staff think of this? Well, they haven’t heard too much, though they won’t be able to miss the huge Flacco poster as a painful reminder of their playoff loss to them last season. I’m sure that’s not what they want to see heading into Thursday’s game. 

“We’ll take care of that,” defensive end Derek Wolfe said, prompted by a news reporter who asked about players sacking Flacco on Sept. 5. “You guys just come to the game.”

I think Wolfe has it right. Nothing says we don’t like you than a solid azz-whooping on the field. The upside to this is that Broncos fans are fired up for the season. It’s going to be a GREAT game!

Oh yeah. I’m ready for some football.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis