While thousands are waiting on the return of their favorite television show for a new season, Chicago Bulls’ fans are waiting on the return of their electrifying player, Derrick Rose, and Addias is giving use a sneak peak.

Tuesday morning Addias released the new commercial “Basketball is Everything” featuring Derrick Rose and his “D Rose 4” shoes. While I’m sure Addias really wants us to pay attention to the new shoe we can’t help but be excited to see Rose back in action.

The tone of the commercial shows how Rose lives this lavish and expensive lifestyle of jewelry, cars, houses, famous friends (BIG SEAN, Common and 2 Chainz make a cameo) and so much more, but at the end of the day none of that would be possible without basketball because ‘Basketball is Everything’.

I actually love this spot for its realness. While many athletes flaunt heir riches, it’s all because of the sport they play. Big ups to Rose on the comeback, can’t wait to see him back in action to open up the regular season on Tuesday, October 29th against the NBA Champion Miami Heat in Miami.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English