Detroit Booty Lounge Impounded By Police

Jersey Girl Sport fans it seems the “Booty Bus” has had its last ride! According to The Detroit News, The Booty Lounge, an alleged strip club on wheels, was impounded by Detroit police Monday night when it was discovered near Ford Field during the Lions game. Apparently they wanted to join in on the Lions game celebration….uhh-huh. It wasn't clear if the bus was conducting business at the time it was seized by police, who gave the operator orders to pull it out of town. Sgt. Eren Stephens, a police spokeswoman, said she wasn't sure whether the strip club was operating at the time. Police cited the business for several infractions, but not for operating a strip club. The driver of the bus didn't have a commercial driver's license, said Stephens. It also hadn't received a safety inspection from the state, she said. Such an inspection is required because it's a commercial vehicle. For bus operator Joe Parsons to receive the vehicle back, he must show proof that the safety inspection was made, said Stephens. Parsons wasn't immediately available for comment tonight. He originally planned to conduct his adult entertainment business during the Monday Night Football game but changed his mind after pressure from police. Well, Detroit, it seems you’ll have to enjoy strippers the old-fashioned way: in the building at the club! Your JGF, ~Angela

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