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Donald Sterling’s latest rants and lawsuits make him seem crazier (believe it or not)

Donald Sterling’s latest rants and lawsuits make him seem crazier (believe it or not)

Donald Sterling just will not go away. The latest Donald Sterling saga includes suing his family trust – mainly his wife, for her decision to negotiate the sale of the L.A. Clippers without him because she deemed him mentally unstable. Now a judge has ruled that a jury will decide if the trust acted responsibly. From USA Today Sports:

A Superior Court probate judge ruled Wednesday that a four-day trial will be held beginning that date to determine if Shelly Sterling properly removed Donald from the family trust that owned the Clippers, which she then sold to billionaire Steve Ballmer for $2 billion.

Donald Sterling’s attorney, Bobby Samini, says that Donald Sterling did not give Shelly permission to negotiate the sale and that his client is in sound mental condition, fully capable of making business decisions. 

Shelly, however claims that tests done on Donald Sterling in May, determined that he has dementia, saying a report from psychiatrist Meril S. Platzer stated that Donald Sterling “is suffering from cognitive impairment secondary to primary dementia Alzheimer’s disease. The duration of the memory issues is at least three years. … It is my opinion that Mr. Donald T. Sterling is unable to reasonably carry out the duties as Trustee The Sterling Family Trust as a result of, among other factors, an impairment of his level of attention, information processing, short-term memory impairment and ability to modulate mood … and is at risk of making potentially serious errors of judgment.”

From USA Today Sports:

Another doctor, James E. Spar, examined Sterling on May 22 and wrote that Sterling had “cognitive impairment” and was at “risk of making potentially serious errors of judgment, impulse control and recall in the management of his finances and his trust. … (Sterling) is substantially unable to manage his finances and resist fraud and undue influence and is no longer competent to act as trustee of his trust.”

Anyone watching Donald Sterling’s interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper, any and everybody would declare that there is something going on- or not going on with his mental state. 

 This court case will be interesting. 

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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