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Donald Sterling’s voicemails leave doctors “shaken”, feeling threatened

Donald Sterling’s voicemails leave doctors “shaken”, feeling threatened

By now you would think that Donald Sterling would have enough of the fallout from leaving voice mail messages and talking on the phone with people, but here we are with another audio recording of Donald Sterling. Shelly Sterling and her attorney Pierce O’Donnell say Donald Sterling threatened them in voicemail messages and they feel threatened by Donald’s calls. O’Donnell said Donald Sterling threatened his life.

“He raised his voice in a menacing manner and said, ‘I’m gonna take you out, O’Donnell,’ ” O’Donnell said in a hallway at Los Angeles Superior Court. “I perceived it as a threat on my life.”


O’Donnell, asked what he thought Sterling meant by “take you out,” said, “Kill me. I didn’t think he was asking me to dinner.”


From USA Today Sports:

O’Donnell said Sterling also made threatening phone calls to two doctors who examined Sterling and concluded that he is mentally incapacitated and unable to conduct business affairs.

One of those doctors, Meril S. Platzer was extremely shaken up from a call she received and has since said that she will not testify in the probate hearing. According to Shelly Sterling and Pierce O’Donnell’s attorney Aaron Moss, this is exactly what Donald wanted.

CLIP OF Voicemail Message

“This is designed to intimidate and have you not go forward with your testimony on your findings,” he said. “Anyone who is threatened with the loss of their livelihood would feel intimidated.”

“To be honest, she has misgivings about whether she should have gotten involved in this, which is exactly what Donald intended,” Moss said. “She has not said she is not going to testify.”

Of course, Bobby Samini, Donald Sterling’s attorney denied any threats were made saying he was in the room when Donald Sterling made the phone calls.

“Donald explained that he thought the public dissemination of his mental health records was unethical,” Samini said. “There was a little more exchange and that was it. It was a brief conversation.

The judge did not make an immediate ruling today, but we are all on standby to hear what the ruling will be.

It seems this is just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t know how long this will drag out, but if the judge rules in Donald Sterling’s favor, it’s going to be a long, hot, contentious summer for the Sterlings —and the NBA.

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