Don’t come for the Tar Heels! North Carolina coach Roy Williams fires back against Wallace Loh’s comments

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport Don't come for the Tar Heels! That's essentially what North Carolina Tarheels men's basketball coach Roy Williams made known in a radio interview. After Maryland's President William Loh's emotionally charged statements about the Tar Heels' programs possibly getting the 'death penalty' stemming from their NCAA ademicĀ investigation, Williams got real bothered and spoke to it.
And then we have a president that says we should get the death penalty," Williams says in the clip below. "A president of another university. I mean, to me, that's just so silly. A guy told me one time, 'You can get a little knowledge and it turns you into an idiot, but no knowledge, you're a double idiot.' And that's about the way I look at that thing."
Well, alrighty then! Williams is understandably protective of his school, especially since the men just won the national championship. For the record, it should be noted that Loh never said that UNC should get the 'death penalty'. He said that it was a logical decision given the circumstance and the issues surrounding their alleged infractions. Either way, his comments didn't sit well with Williams. Loh might want to stand down. What do you think?

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