Don’t Double-dip Your Chip! (and other Super Bowl party rules you need to know)

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport/@ladyadavis Anytime you go out for a social engagement, there are  rules and norms that we all accept and abide by. However, with sports, and especially with championship games like the Super Bowl you have to know the sports rules--the etiquette that we all must follow to ensure a good time and prevent you from getting kicked out! Here are the top ten Super Bowl party etiquette rules: 1. If you don’t know anything about football sit towards the back.- The up front seating is reserved for people who really understand the game. It's like  a VIP section for real football fans. The Super Bowl is NOT the time to try and learn the game! Nothing annoys football fans more than the person who's asking ten questions every second. Your job is to flow with whatever is going on. Hint: follow a real fan who's rooting for the team you like. Do what they do. 2. If you have a weak bladder, sit near the bathroom:  The commercials were right! We hate getting up and down because you have bladder issues. If you and you're bladder are on the outs sit on the perimeter near the bathroom. Start becoming friends with Flomax and Vesicare ASAP!

3. Shut-up during the commericals! They’re just as important at the game: Super Bowl fans are also fans of the commercials. That means that commercials don't signal talk time; it's another part of the game. We LIKE watching the commercials. Don't interrupt it. 4. Don’t “double-dip”: This rule was made famous on an episode of the TV-show Seinfeld, yet it still rings true. Eating something half-way doesn't make the other half eligible for another dip! Yuck! Eating in the food line is disgusting. If you're single and you do this, don't be surprised if you stay that way when the game is over.

5. Dear hosts, the Super Bowl is NOT the time to try “new” foods! You  may have decided to become a vegan, start f"eeling goo-ooood"  like Jennifer Hudson or recently jumped on the latest protein-shake-spinach-smoothie-lemon-water-with-cayenne-pepper-no-carb-no-sugar-paleo-all-organic diet plan. You may have given up fat and salt-- basically anything that makes food taste good, and that's great for you, but the rest of us don't care. In fact, we have pushed the pause button on healthy eating for Super Bowl Sunday. Nobody wants a tofu/bean/soy burger. We're Americans damn it! Give us meat and beer!

6. Ladies, you're never too cute for the game: There's always some girl who thinks she's so cute and she "sashays" her way to the front of the room right in front of the television. Of course, she can't sit and watch the game, so she's up and down walking back and forth througout the game causing real fans to miss critical plays. While men might enjoy looking at you before the game, nothing is more uncute than a girl who interrupts their game. Sit your ass down! 7. Think "cute and sporty": Yes, you can wear a dress. No you don't have to wear a team jersey. Yes, you can wear heels, but remember we're here for the game! Rock your fashion the Jersey Girl Sports way. 8. Try and learn something about the game: At the very least you should know the two teams vying for the win, the name of each team's quarter back and the city the game is being played in. Pick a team and stick with it. Remember the hint in rule #1. 9.  Don't take it personal:  Expect high emotions during the game. People will cuss, fuss, scream, cry, yell, stomp their feet and convulse at a moments notice. Don't take it personal. This game is passionate and fans are all in. (Warning: this is one of those few times you'll see grown men cry)

10.  Bring something good: Whether it's a bottle of wine, a great appetizer or food to share, going to someone's house for a party requires you bring something to add to the mix. If you're going to a party at a venue, bring a good attitude. That's always appropriate! No matter where you end up watching the Super Bowl rest assured the game will be epic and the atmosphere electric. You might as well enjoy all of it! Relax. Be yourself. The game has got your back. (as long as you follow the rules). Now that you have the rules, you have no excuse. Go forth and party!  

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