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Dozens of sports fans hurt in Miami while watching game 4 of NBA Final (VIDEO)

Dozens of sports fans hurt in Miami while watching game 4 of NBA Final (VIDEO)

Depending on which team you’re rooting for, watching the NBA finals has been stressful and heart pounding to say the least. For more than 100 sports fans in Miami, watching the game became dangerous.  The outdoor deck at Shuckers Bar and Grille in Miami collapsed sending the more than 100 people who were on it into the Biscayne Bay.

Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue spokesman Lt. Eugene Germain told ABC News that the people fell into shallow water. Two were reported with serious injuries and another 24 were taken to the hospital.

“We have located and we’re in the process of treating approximately 24 victims. The other individuals involved are what we call walking-wounded individuals that are stable,” he said.

All the patrons have been accounted for, but divers were called in to confirm and search for other possible victims. 

Witnesses say the deck collapsed when Heat fans jumped up to celebrate and the patrons inside the bar said they thought the screams were a part of the celebration.

According to ABC news Harrison Ruggiero was sitting close by when he heard people screaming.

“So we thought, naturally, it was because of the game, and we looked back … the whole dock that was right behind us just dropped and people were in the water,” Ruggiero said.

People rushed to help those in the water by pulling out. Some even jumped in the water. With this type of accident, the good news is that there hasn’t been any fatalities reported. 

The Miami Heat won game 4 and after the game Dwyane Wade expressed his concern for the victims:

 “I’d like to share our concerns as an organization and our gratitude to our fans back in Miami, but share our concerns for all that were injured tonight at Shuckers restaurant.”

Be careful sports fans!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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