Part of Dwyane Wade’s divorce settlement and custody agreement with his ex-wife Siovaughn Funches-Wade is that she is entitled to have her sons, Zion and Zaire two weeks during the summer along with other visits. However, Dwyane’s attorney filed an emergency motion to stop visitation after Siovaughn sat outside a Chicago’s Daley Center with a sign that read “NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets.” The motion asked the judge to suspend visitation until Siovaughn could undergo a psychological evaluation.

Well, it seems that motion has been suspended. According to the Chicago Sun-Times,  Miami-Dade County judge Antonio Marin ordered that Funches’ visitation be reinstated and Dwyane was to immediately surrender the children to her for her regularly scheduled visitation. The judge felt there wasn’t substantial evidence to stop the visitation. Now we know that Siovaughn isn’t living on the streets. In fact, she got $5 million in the divorce settlement, the Chicago mansion, four cars and she gets $25,000 per month in support. Uhhh–yeah, that’s good living!  The best news is that they both have agreed to stop saying negative things about each other in the media–including social media.

This should be helpful in that they have two sons who are old enough to know what’s being said, and still young enough to be adversely affected by it. We’ll never know the full scope of the impact this divorce drama has on their sons. We just hope they have enough time ahead of them to heal the wounds.

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~Angela Davis