After what can be described as a VERY rough season, at best, the Lakers’ were put out of their misery yesterday with a loss to the San Antonio Spurs, effectively ending their playoff run and possibility for a fairy tale comeback.

As the center of the conversation was Dwight Howard, whose ejection out of the fateful game was indicative  of his entire season with the Lakers. Or was it?

While some think it’s time for Howard and the Lakers to part ways, the troubled center says he isn’t even thinking that far:

“I’m going to step away from everything for a couple weeks and clear my head before I do or talk about anything, as far as next season…“I don’t want to talk about anything that’s for the upcoming season, next year,” Howard said. “I just want to reflect on this year and try to get myself better, come back 100 percent.”

Well, what should the Lakers do? Many analysts and commentators speak to a rebuilding of a younger, faster and healthier team. While others think the rebuilding starts with Kobe returning.

Whatever they do, they have plenty of time to consider it and work it out. Dwight Howard can re-sign with the Lakers for up to five years. He could also leave the Lakers and sign a contract for up to four years with another team.

We’ll see what the off season brings. 

What do you think the Lakers should do?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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