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The Basic Shoe Guide

Ok ladies…how long have you been wearing heels? If you’re anything like me, you had a fabulous mom that lived in heels, which in turn is why I am the way that I am and will do the same for my daughter. Its’ only natural.

There are so many types of heels: kitten heels, clogs, wedges, mid-height, high heels, stiletto, platforms and so on. Then there are also many styles…pumps, t-strap, Mary Janes, flats, peep toes, ankle-strap and on and on. The question is, how do you rock these shoes?

Well, let’s start with the lowest, a kitten heel. These shoes are perfect for the office, and they come in a lot of cute styles. They are not quite flats but you can really wear them all day,  however they are not evening wear appropriate. They are work friendly and causal shoes that you should definitely have in your closet.

Clogs are weird, there are some that are really cute and there are some that belong in Holland.

Wedges are a trend from the 30’s that have evolved through the decades. They are very versatile and very comfortable. They can go from work to play, but again, they are not for a formal gala but are a must have in your closet. They are also super trendy! They work great with jeans, but be careful wearing them with skirts as it could turn granola really quickly.

Mid and high heels are probably the most versatile of all the heels; they are classic! They work with dresses, skirts, shorts, slacks, capri’s, just about anything. They are casual, dressy, formal.  Mid hight heels are a dream and a super must have in every closet.

Stilettos are the sexy sister to high heels. They definitely spark up anything from jeans to shorts, but if not put together correctly with an outfit they can take you from sexyto slutty in a nano-second. Its’ a thin line, so if you choose to wear them in the office wear it with pants or wtih a skirt that comes below the knee. Ideal for cocktail wear, every girl needs at least two pair.

The platform honestly is another variation of the wedge, it’s almost a blend of the wedge and the stiletto, so the same rules apply as if it were a stiletto.

Just remember to invest in quality when buying shoes. Last but certainly not least,  for the love of God it does not matter how fly the shoe, how much it cost or anything like that, if you don’t know how to walk in them you might as well stay seated!

Wear the shoes, don’t let them wear you! Have a fabulous weekend!
Your Jersey Girlfriend,

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