Eagles cheerleaders get ‘designer’ uniforms by Vera Wang

When the NFL ended its contract with Reebok and signed a new one with Nike, NFL teams saw new uniforms and updated looks from the edgy, classic and even retro styles. Well, what about the cheerleaders? The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders are not going to be left out. World famous fashion designer Vera Wang helped revamp their uniforms as only she can! The uniforms were already sexy, and now they have the designer's touch with Wang's signature sexy lines with a classic flair to accentuate the ladies' feminine curves male fans enjoy so much at home games. This isn't Wang's first time designing uniforms for the Eagles. She designed them back in 2003 as she's reportedly friends close friends with Eagles’ owners’ Jeffrey Lurie and and his ex-wife Christina. I'm sure the ladies will be "extra" cheerful on Sunday--and the men too! What do you think about these new uniforms? Your Jersey Girlfriend,  ~Angela Davis

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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