This is so sad. Garrett Reid, the oldest son of Philadelphia Eagle’s head coach Andy Reid was found dead Sunday morning in his room at the club’s training camp at Lehigh University. He was 29.

The cause of death has not yet been determined, although Garrett’s past problems with drugs appear to be the suspected cause. The 29-year-old Reid struggled with drug abuse for years and was imprisoned for a 2007 high-speed car crash in which another driver was injured. Police found heroin, which Reid admitted to using, and more than 200 pills in his car. After being jailed, he was caught trying to smuggle drugs into the jail.

Garrett seem to get a kick out of being a drug dealer.  ”I liked being the rich kid in that area and having my own high-status life,” Reid told a probation officer, according to court testimony in November 2007. ”I could go anywhere in the ‘hood. They all knew who I was. I enjoyed it. I liked being a drug dealer.”

At his sentencing hearing, Reid told the judge: ”I don’t want to die doing drugs. I don’t want to be that kid who was the son of the head coach of the Eagles, who was spoiled and on drugs and OD’d and just faded into oblivion.” 

Garrett’s younger brother also had issues with drugs.

”This news is heartbreaking for everyone in the Eagles family,” said owner Jeffrey Lurie in a statement. ”Our hearts go out to Andy, his wife, Tammy, and their children.”

”My condolences go out to Coach Reid and his family,” quarterback Michael Vick tweeted. ”Stay strong and we LOVE you coach.”

Our hearts go out to Andy Reid and his family. Despite any problems Garrett may have had, this loss would be unbearable for any parent.

Let’s continue to pray for the Reid family.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

*contribution from Yahoo! Sports