Quarterbacks have owned the spotlight and storylines this season, from outstanding rookie quarterbacks RG3, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson to quarterback shuffles in New York (Jets) and injuries (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia).

Amid swirling rumors that he is on his way out of Philadelphia, Michael Vick will likely be the starter against the Giants Sunday. Nick Foles suffered in injury during the loss to the Redskins, fracturing his right hand. The Eagles initially thought that Foles had a deep contusion and he elected to stay in the game. Despite the loss Foles completed 32 of 48 passes for 345 yards, one touchdown and one interception for an 85.9 quarterback rating against the Redskins almost leading them to a 4thquarter comeback scoring drive.

Vick has not played since suffering a concussion on November 12th. The “Vick” experiment in Philly has never come to fruition as Vick has only shown flashes of brilliance during his short tenure with the Eagles, but I don’t think he is quite done yet.

If he has the opportunity to play behind a good offensive line, he still has a few good years left in him. I for one would like to see Vick succeed, say what you will about Vick and the whole dog-fighting era…the man has paid his debt to society serving time in prison and by all accounts appears to be remorseful for his actions.

What I like about Vick is that he has become a better man through his experiences; he is the first to admit that he did not always give 100% at the peak of his career when he was the $100 million dollar man in Atlanta and has worked tirelessly to improve his image on and off the field. He spends countless hours speaking to young people and has donated time and money to the Humane Society.

In fact, when Vick got word that he would get the start Sunday; he was hosting a charity event in his native Virginia.

You never know what I could accomplish,” the quarterback told The Philadelphia Inquirer during an interview “I could go out there and break a record. There’s tremendous upside.”

That’s the beauty of football; there is always an “upside” and a great comeback or redemption story just waiting to be played out. Vick is a survivor…let’s see if he can leave Philly on a winning note, because there is always next year and several teams will be taking notice.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Tatia Harris