ESPN promotes Michelle Beadle over Sage Steele as NBA Countdown host and the internet has no chill

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport ESPN is no stranger to shake-ups at the network. Their latest includes promoting Michelle Beadle over controversial Sage Steele as host of NBA Countdown. 
Beadle joined ESPN and ABC’s NBA coverage on a part-time basis in October, showing enough promise over five months to bump Steele from the top spot for the playoffs. Beadle, 41, will be responsible for leading ESPN’s pregame and halftime shows, including during the NBA Finals on ABC, and for hosting studio broadcasts throughout the playoffs. 
This in and of itself is not 'news',  but considering the controversy surrounding Steele, this is the kind of new irony that can't be ignored. Steele has been the source of vitriol ever since her controversial positions about racism and Donald Trump. Steele stated that she received more racism from African-Americans that she did caucasians, and she also complained about people protesting Trump's travel ban. Steele, who is African-American is now the source of comments on Twitter by people who are quick to remind her of the irony of this situation.

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