ESPN-TV Co-hosts Michael Smith and Hugh Douglas nearly get into fight at a party

ESPN-TV Co-hosts Michael Smith and Hugh Douglas nearly get into fight at a party

When ESPN reports the weekend scuffles involving sports figures, they don’t expect the reports to include the names of their own analysts. This past weekend at the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) convention, co-hosts of the ESPN-TV show Numbers Never Lie” Michael Smith and Hugh Douglas got into a verbal altercation that almost got physical.

According to the Big Lead

the two were at the House of Blues when tensions rose and the pair had to be separated, sources said.

Since then the two haven’t tweeted or spoke about the incident via social media. ESPN spokesman David Scott released a statement to the Big Lead:

“We are aware there was a disagreement between Hugh Douglas and Michael Smith on Friday. We are looking into the situation.”

This is rather disturbing. Michael Smith has always presented himself to be a journalist “above the fray”. While is his notoriously opinionated, this doesn’t seem like behavior he’d be involved in. The same can be said for Douglas. I’m sure his 6’2″ 280-pound frame certainly wasn’t scared of Smith, so I wonder what would make two grown men with successful careers get so angry that they’d have to be separated?!

What do you think?

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