Ex-NBA player Sebastian Telfair arrested with 4 guns, a bullet-proof vest and marijuanna

by Angela Davis|@jerseygirlsport Material success, no matter how great, does not necessarily change a person's character or mindset. We see this all the time with professional athletes, and for ex-NBA player Sebastian Telfair, his life has taken a dark turn. He was arrested in Brooklyn, NY and police found a number of guns, including a semi-automatic rifle, marijuana, ammo and a bulletproof vest.
Sebastian Telfair
Telfair, who played for several teams including the Portland Trailblazers, L.A. Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves during his nine-year tenure in the NBA, was traveling with an 18-year-old man, Jami Thomas. No new details have surfaced in the arrest, including the big question--what was he doing or planning with all that ammo and weapons? It can't be anything good, but more information is sure to come. In the meantime, I hope he has a good lawyer. He's going to need it.  

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