(VIDEO) Ex-NY Knicks player Renaldo Balkman banned from game after choking teammate

The Philippine Basketball Association has fined and banned former NY Knick's player Renaldo Balkman after he choked a teammate who was trying to stop him from going after a referee. Balkman was fined 250,000 Philippine pesos (about $6,140) for what the PBA called  “initiating threatening physical contact with a referee followed by a prolonged, offensive, belligerent if not aberrant on-court decorum directed toward game officials and his Petron teammates and superiors.” Balkman is banned for life. He immediately started apologizing on Twitter saying:
"I accept all responsibilities for my actions while playing an intense game, I have truly enjoyed my time here playing in the Philippines"   "I would like to apologize to @arwindsotnas a person who I truly respect and would never intentionally harm, my actions were irresponsible"   I respect the Philippine Basketball Association and@PetronBlaze Organization, this situation will never happen again...its a lesson learned
This is a hard lesson to learn, and I hope Balkman is able to move on and have a successful career.
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