FAB Friday Style Star…Gabrielle Union

Happy Friday Jersey Girls!  This weeks’ style star is the lovely Gabrielle Union. Gabrielle started her life in the sports world when she married retired football running back Chris Howard. Even though the two are divorced, Gabrielle made it all look easy and seamless.

After her divorce, she decided that athletes were not just  football players. Union then became involved with Miami Heat's guard Dwyane Wade. Almost hitting the big 4-0, Union's sexiness has only gotten better. She has a body that we all wish we had. Gabrielle Union is truly a woman that gets better with age; she is always on trend with the fashion and is very aware of her body. Her look is youthful, flawless and ultra sexy. No matter who you are if you are not confident in yourself, no one else will be. Enjoy your weekend! Always Your Girl, JeniqueK

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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