FAB Friday Style Star: Tami Roman

Tami, Tami, Tami…Tami Roman is my personal favorite on the hit VH1 reality show Basketball Wives! She is my style star for the week. The best thing about Tami is that she always keeps it real, now she tends to leave a trail of hurt feelings but she is who she is. I think that translates in her look. She came from a middle class up bringing in a single parent home, so in the beginning her look was very New York edgy but never trashy. Now more mature, and a little bit thicker she still manages to balance her sexy and is very aware of her body at the same time. Now don’t think she won’t show off her sexy, she does it with purpose, and that I love! Well Jersey Girls the truth is Tami is a strong woman that keeps it real with herself and her friends, it takes that kind of girl to pull this off. Have a great weekend! Your Girl, JeniqueK

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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