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FAB Friday Style Star: Vanessa Bryant

Well Jersey Girls, this week I picked Vanessa Bryant, the maybe, kinda sorta, soon to be ex-wife of Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant. I really picked her this week because she changes her look all the time and each look is FAB! Sure when Vanessa and Kobe first got married she looked like the girl next door that bakes apple pies but in time she has transformed into a beautiful trendsetter that holds her own.

From the beginning, if Vanessa didn’t have anything else, she was able to play on her beautiful hair and great smile. She has the kind of smile and hair that women all over the world would die to have.

The moments she shares with her kids, shows that she can be trendy and youthful, all while being a mom.

And best believe until that divorce is final she is always on point with her man!

So Jersey Girls, check her out! She is beautiful, trendy and sexy. She shows that she is youthful but never slutty which is always a win for me. Have a great weekend!

Always Your Girl!


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