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Fashion Flip Flops, Get Some!

The question of the summer is, are flip flops appropriate to wear anywhere other than around the house or that random run to CVS?

Well YES…and NO.

Let’s start with the NO. You got to understand that you can’t just wear any kind of flip flop because that simply just won’t do. For example, the cheap ones that you get 5 for $1 are out of the question.

Now of course I say yes, but you must be willing to play by the rules and do it the right way. When we go out the one thing that we most want is style and comfort, and those cheap flip flops unfortunately will not cut it.

So for my girly Jersey Girls who love a hint of glam then sequins, beaded and jeweled flip flops make a statement! They are stylist yet comfortable for those weekend cookouts or that evening baseball game paired with a cute sundress or some fitted jeans.

For my more sporty or eco-friendly Jersey Girls, try natural fibers like leather, cork or bamboo, they last longer and are very durable.

Now for my Jersey Girls that truly want to stand out in a crowd and be seen, statement flip flops have to be at the top of your list.

So which ever Jersey Girl you think you are, make sure your toes are done and you break them in before you head out to your favorite sporting event. Remember to keep it sexy and make it yours…..

Your Girl!


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