Female Kicker, Laura Silberman To Make History At NFL Combine

Female Kicker, Laura Silberman To Make History At NFL Combine

With this being the first day of women’s history month, it’s amazing to hear about women who are breaking barriers in sports.

Laura Silberman, 28, will become the first woman to particiate and tryout for an NFL Regional Combine on Sunday at the New York Jets’ training facility in Florham Park, N.J.

“I am working hard to prepare but I am also realistic about my chances,” she wrote in an email. “I hope my willingness to put myself out there inspires others to seize opportunities and challenges. The support from around the world has been so heartening.”

The only thing that Silberman has kicked has been a soccer ball, so her only goal this Sunday is to kick a perfect 60-yard field goal, which could be a long shot, literally.

While there are no women in the NFL, the position of kicker would probably be the endroad to diversity. Silberman says that she isn’t using this weekend as a publicty stunt but as an opporunity to showcase her talents and promote more diversity in the National Football League.

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