Jersey Girl Sports fans, the female sports fans, are changing the game. We are slowly, but surely becoming the greatest thing to happen to sports and sports marketing since the featured athlete on a box of Wheaties. We are powerful. We are influential, and we are the ‘X’ factor companies and teams are looking for.  Here’s why:

We Got Game! Consider This:


Women make up:

47.2 % of MLS fans

46.5% of MLB fans

48.2% of NFL fans

40.8% of fans at NHL games

37% of NBA fans

44% of NASCAR fans

What does this mean? This means we are attending and watching these games. We just do it differently than men.

We’ve Got Power! Consider This:


Women represent:

51% of the population

Chief Purchasing Officers of their homes

80% of consumer spending as they buy on behalf of others and influence the household purchases

Have the fastest growing personal spending power over the past decade

Have greater spending power than most men

Represent 30% of working wives who out-earn their husbands

What does this mean? This means a company would be crazy NOT to advertise or speak to us through sports be it directly or indirectly.

Take a look at Jersey Girl Sports.

The concept of Jersey Girl Sports was born in a sports bar. One Sunday, while watching an NFL game I started listening to the commentators and sports analysts—closely. At the time T.O. was warming up and he was looking quite scrumptious in his cat suit. Of all the things said about T.O. nothing was said about his beautiful body–go figure! I said to my now business partner, “They’re not talking to us. They’re talking to men. Nobody is talking to us.” A few months later at that same sports bar, I said to her, “Let’s start a sports show for women.” Jersey Girl Sports was born.

Now we’re the fastest growing website for female sports fans and the only one dedicated to presenting sports and sports lifestyle content from a woman’s perspective.

Each and every month a little more 50,000 jersey girls come here (and to our Facebook page) to get sports the way we see it– the way we understand it and what we have to say about it. It truly is sports on OUR terms.

And things are changing.

You will see more ads targeting us and more sports apparel that allows us to be sporty and sexy—and that is right, after all. We’re Jersey Girls!

Jersey girl [jer.zee gurl] (n.) ~ A woman who likes sports. A woman who embraces sports as a part of her lifestyle. The sexy woman at the end of the bar who enjoys sports as much as any man —just with better shoes.

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis

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