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Field Of Dreams: Terrell Owens still believes he can be a playmaker

Field Of Dreams: Terrell Owens still believes he can be a playmaker

At age 40, a football player is considered ancient. Actually, at around age 30, he should be thinking about retirement. For Terrell Owens his age has nothing to do with his ability to be an effective player. In an interview with the Associated Press Owens says that he still has the ability to be a playmaker:

“They brought up my age when I was 35, 36 and I’m still in just as good shape as I was then. Jerry (Rice) played until he was 42. At 39, I ran a 4.43 40-yard dash. You look at the number of dropped balls and the way guys are playing now and you can’t honestly say I can’t do better.”

Owens was an honorary guest at a roast and spoke to the fact that it’s really the media storm about stuff people and the media won’t let go that has hurt his chances to return to the gridiron. 

“No doubt there’s not a question that I can still play,” he said. “But perception, media portrayal is so negative. Anytime there’s a rumor that a team is interested in bringing me in, there’s all this media attention, and the negative things they have to say are more than the positives. It’s not about what I can bring to them. It’s about stuff I did 5, 10 years ago.”

Owens actually has a point, but it doesn’t matter. His chances for a return are all but gone now, but it doesn’t seem to matter because he said he’s focusing on taking his big personality to the silver screen. With a cameo in the latest Kevin Hart movie About Last Night and several commercials T.O. seems to be focused in a new direction.

He is older and seems wiser, understanding the mistakes he made that contributed to his exit from the field. Still, with the troubles many current players are facing, he feels should have had at least one last opportunity to play.

“You look at some of the stuff guys are doing now, domestic violence, players killing players, just everything,” Owens said. “You have so many guys with off-the-field problems, drug issues, alcohol problems and they’re still given second chances and third chances. They’re putting them in rehab and keeping them on the team. I never had those issues. It’s disappointing.”

Hindsight is 20/20 – well, in this case, maybe 40/40. As Owens looks to his future I hope he can look back at his past with a clearer view and a better understanding. 

He can only go up from here. 

What do you think?

~Angela Davis

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