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Fights among squads with Seahawks and Redskins represent typical behavior during mini-camps

Fights among squads with Seahawks and Redskins represent typical behavior during mini-camps

When the news broke about Richard Sherman getting into a fist-fight with team member Phil Bates there were raised eyebrows and gasps of shock. Calm down, people. For the NFL, this is business as usual. Just ask RGIII.

When his fellow  Redskins DE Doug Worthington pulled the face mask off of the helmet of teammate Mike McGlynn, it didn’t surprise him at all. In fact, he like the energy:

“Yeah, there was a helmet thrown. I’ve never seen a guy take another guy’s face mask off his helmet,” said Redskins QB Robert Griffin III. “That was impressive. But emotions are high, guys are ready to go. We’ve been at it for a while now. … I like it, I like the intensity.

“I think everybody’s ready to put the pads on.”

Yeah, it might be time. Unfortunately they can’t do it. Per NFL CBA rules, teams cannot put pads on until their official training camps start next month. Redskins coach Jay Gruden says that’s the “rub”:

“It’s very difficult for them to handle these shorts, these practices without pads,” Gruden said in reference to the big guys in the trenches. “You tell them stay off the ground and don’t hold and don’t grab. But you tell them have great pad level and be physical, and it’s hard to do that in shorts. I think in order to get a great look at the offensive and defensive line play, you’ve got to put the pads on.”

That’s probably true. In the meantime, try to behave yourself men. You’ll have your chance to slam each other next month. Besides, you’ll need to save that energy for your division opponents. 

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