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Flag On The Play! Just Say NO To These Holiday Gifts

Flag On The Play! Just Say NO To These Holiday Gifts

Santa is not the only person ‘making a list and checking it twice’.  Jersey Girl Sports is doing it too! While we usually have long lists of the the things we’d love for ‘Santa Baby’ to slip under the tree, we DEFINITELY have a short  list of things that we absolutely abhor. Here’s the top 5 things NOT to buy the Jersey Girl this holiday season (or ever!)

1. A ‘Snuggie’ — I know some people actually like this…thing, but not me! I’m tired of seeing this and never really liked it when the infomercial came out. We don’t want to walk around the house and lounge in a blanket we can wear, even if it does come in leopard print.(I don’t care how happy these women look in the commercials and ads — it’s just wrong!)

We can be VERY cute and comfortable with some Victoria’s Secret lounge wear, pajamas or a nice big t-shirt of our favorite sports team. Just sayin’…

2. Pajama Jeans — This just SOUNDS wrong! Material that looks like jeans, but is really soft, stretch cotton? I don’t think so! These jeans come in a box. Really, people–really?

3. “Booty-Pop” — You like big butts and you cannot lie, BUT giving this as a gift to any Jersey Girl is not only tasteless, but an insult –I don’t care how much she may need it!

4. Chia-Pet — I know you probably already sang the little tune in your head, “Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia!” This one-hit wonder is wonder-less and giving it as a gift to any Jersey Girl could be dangerous. So, if you ignore this advice and plan on giving it as a gift to your significant other anyways, tighten up your reflex skills; It may come back to you flying at your head!

5. “The Clapper” – Giving this gift is like calling her lazy! Unless she’s physically disabled, she can turn her lights on and off by herself. Besides, if the most thought you’ve put into a technologically-savvy gift is one where she has to clap her hands— if she’s your girlfriend or wife you better get used to using yours for a while too! ** wink-wink

Men, please read this and take notes. It’s an important tool to help you assess, as you start shopping for gifts. For those who may have already violated one of these rules, you still have time to return it.

I’m helping you save your relationship–and maybe your life.


~Your Jersey Girlfrien

Angela Davis

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  1. Tamika

    This was TOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY! Love it! Men take note!

  2. Nathan

    So the girl I’m dating mentioned wanting to go to Italy one day. Getting her a book to learn to speak Italian. Good idea, no?


  3. LaTonya Davis

    How about a pair of battery powered socks? That can go on the list.


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