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Floyd Mayweather Bets $5.9 Million On Tonight’s Heat-Pacers Game 7

Floyd Mayweather Bets $5.9 Million On Tonight’s Heat-Pacers Game 7

If you are thinking that LeBron James is looking for a big payday on Game 7 of the Heat-Pacers game, think again. If the Heat should win, boxer Floyd Mayweather would be the big winner.

According to a tweet from Vegas Gambling Stem, a source has the star boxer betting $5.9 million that the Heat will cover the mammoth spread for Game 7.


I can’t take this guy seriously. If you think that Mayweather can’t part with that type of money if the Pacers should happen to win, the boxer is reportedly worth $140 million, he probably spends that during a shopping spree.

After watching Mayweather burn $100 bills during his show on Showtime (which is illegal), nothing that he does surprises me. When the Heat wrap up this game, I will be all over twitter to see if Mayweather tweets about his new earnings.

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