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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Gets Jail Time Postponed Until June

According to it seems Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  won’t have to turn himself in to a Las Vegas jail until June 1, 2012 so he can fight in Las Vegas on May 5th.

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Floyd was supposed to turn himself in today to begin his 90-day sentence for assault against his girlfriend, but his attorney had asked the judge to postpone the boxer’s turn-in date to June 1. This will give Floyd time to train for a massive fight on May 5th against an undetermined opponent at the MGM Grand.

His attorney’s justification is that Floyd’s a pro who’s dominant enough to bring in hundreds of millions in profits for the city of Las Vegas.

Apparently the judge agreed.

Several of Floyd’s famous friends showed up in court to support the boxer — including Ray J and Lil Kim. They probably came thinking he would need some advice on jail etiquette or how to pick up soap.

All this delay and drama better be for the Manny Pacquiao fight.

At least if he loses and is beat up, he’ll have 90 days to lament and recover.

Of course if he wins, it’ll suck to have to “Go-directly-to-jail. Do not pass ‘go’. He will collect his $200, though.

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