Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s recent post on Instagram caused quite a stir. According to TMZ, he explained  that he broke up with his fiance because she aborted the twins she was carrying.

Floyd Mayweather ultrasound pic on Instagram

Floyd Mayweather ultrasound pic on Instagram

WHAT THE ______???!! Who does that? A grown man posting this kind of private info on social media is totally out of order and just not in good taste. Can you imagine, during the playoffs, having an owner causing this much distraction?

When Adam Silver made it clear he would get the Clippers sold, names were flying left and right about who wanted to be the next owner(s) of the team.  High-profile billionaires like Oprah Winfey, David Geffen and Magic Johnson were immediately thrown in to the pool . Then other celebrity names like music producer  P. Diddy, rappers Dr. Dre, Rick Ross and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. were also tossed around. While the latter three are millionaires, they may not make good owners for the Clippers, especially Floyd Mayweather, Jr. 

What teams don’t need are distractions. There’s enough about their own celebrity, gossip, social media and their personal lives to keep them occupied. 

Note to those claiming they want to be owners: you are officially being interviewed, not just by the current NBA owners, but also by the fans of that team, the city it represents, the public and the NBA. This kind of nonsense isn’t good for any team.

With the recent storm that is still not quite over with Donald Sterling, you can bet that the next owner won’t be someone who doesn’t understand the notion of discretion, and who isn’t mature enough to know better.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis